Epinette des Vosges 

The famous manufacturers of Epinette des Vosges


Le père VINCENT (Father Vincent)

Father vincent's farm in Dandirand, village of Le Val d'Ajol, Southern Vosges

Claude Joseph Vincent, who was called Father Vincent, was the forerunner of the feuillées - the terms "have a feuillée " designated a mode of transport for a walk in the countyside. Indeed to go to the farms in the surrounding of Plombières, the "baignants " of the time used a waggon pulled by oxes and put a gathering of branches covered by leaves on the waggons in order to be sheltered from the sun, because oxes do not move forward very quickly. Then this term "feuilée " designated the place towards which they went.

Father Vincent, born on June 6th 1753 and dead on February 6th 1880, married Marguerite Petitjean on January 1780 in Le Val d'Ajol. This handyman of genius, nicknamed "le Vaucanson rustique " ( the rustic Vaucanson ) had always known the spinet. He had improved it in adding another string to the four ones which were still there. He precised in his talk With Baron Mengin Fondragon that we played the instrument in pressing a piece of reed on the first two strings and in making a cut feather move on the 5 strings with the right hand. In the text it is said that the instrument measured 1 foot and a half long, 2 inches thick and 3 or 4 inches wide.




Amant Constant Lambert, who was called Amé Lambert, was born on January 8th 1843 in Le Girmont, married Marie Julie Amélie Clolery on June 30th 1874 and he died on January 8th 1908.

Around 1868, Amé Lambert bought a property in return for a life annuity in the Feuillée of Dorothée Vançon. Later, he built there one, then two, and then three chalets. Finally he built there a hotel. And he also made and sold many épinettes des Vosges. His daughter Gabrielle, who was born on December 11th 1876, married Albert Balandier on October 9th 1895. Albert would have taken over the hotel and the making of épinettes des Vosges too.


Amé Lambert's épinette desVosges with wood pegs.

Amé Lambert's brand



Jean Joseph PERNEY

Jean Joseph Perney, who was born in 1835, was a blacksmith in the hamlet of Croslière, village of Fougerolles (departement of Hautes Saônes )


Jean Joseph Perney's épinette des Vosges

Jean Joseph Perney's brand 



Albert Balandier's épinette des Vosges


Today's Feuillée Dorothée

Among the famous manufacturers of the épinettes des Vosges, we can quote : August Fleurot, born in 1826 according to Jean Pierre Balandier, the museums of Leipzig and New York have some instruments of his making.

We can alsi quote, closer to us, Jules Vançon of Le Crépiné, born in 1895, and whose one of his instruments was given to the President of French Republic, Monsieur Valéry Giscard d'Estaing during the inauguration of the road tunnel of Sainte Marie aux Mines in 1976.

One of Auguste Fleurot's épinette des Vosges ( 1826-1898 ) is at la cité de la musique (the music hostel) with the number E.447

And so on ...

Since, the tradition ha dnot stopped, many handymen have perpetuated this tradition. Nowadays, we are few who make the real épinette des Vosges, and i would quote : Dominique Cablé, Daniel Gury, Bernard Feivet, Pierre Romary and our association.


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